Over the winter of 2017 I’ll be hosting  my first series of unique workshops. There will be two week long workshops for adults and also a day for all the mini shredders out there!

(Most of the info on this site is geared towards the week long workshops but please also check out the Junior Workshop details here)

The first week sold out within days so I decided to add another one starting on 25th March.  Both winter workshops will take place in Sainte Foy Tarentaise, France and are aimed at intermediate and advanced riders.  For this week long adventure I have handpicked a group of experts that I have worked with over the years, who I feel will create an epic week of riding and unique experiences in the mountains.  

How you think and feel greatly effects your ability to progress out on the hill so this workshop will focus on what I feel are some of the most important ways to improve on the snow: the riding itself, the psychology behind a successful performance, and of course some well earned down time and yoga sessions. By bringing in my chosen experts, Neil, James, Louise and Sian, I will be passing on the training techniques that led to my successful snowboard career and giving you exclusive access to the support an elite athlete would get in performance snowboarding. 

On the snowboarding front, Neil McNair and James Sweet will be providing a custom coaching program focused on progressing ability, technique and bringing confidence to your riding.  Throughout the week they will also be working on your style, introducing you to elements of the backcountry and giving you a bagful of tricks that will impress yourself and everyone else. I will also be present for the entire week, joining in with riding sessions and offering tips alongside the main coaches.

For the psychology side of things, Louise Jones who was my personal sports psychologist for over ten years and guided me to Olympic success will hold a series of insightful sports psych sessions through the week to help you challenge your mindset.

And finally, to add some yin to all that yang, Sian Leigh will take daily relaxation and recovery yoga sessions to stretch out tired limbs, soothe your body, and rest your mind. 

To find out more about Neil, James, Louise and Sian, visit the EXPERTS page.