Freestyle Workshop

Date: April 2020 - exact dates TBC

Location: Laax, Switzerland

FREE YOUR STYLE! This workshop is designed to expand your snowboard mind. Time to remove those chains and blocks, loosen your riding and free up your style. Jenny, together with head coach Neil NcNair and freestyle specialist Rhys Jones will provide a custom coaching program to progress your technique, hone your style and give you increased confidence in your all-mountain freestyle ability!

Off-snow, you will get the chance to experience the awesome Freestyle Academy LAAX facility where you can practice your tricks in a safe and soft environment! Then to stretch out tired limbs and relax your body and mind, yoga instructor Sian Leigh will host a series of snowboard specific yoga sessions in preparation for your next day on the hill.

Based in Laax, Europe’s snowboarding mecca, you will experience parks and pistes that blend seamlessly together, creating a totally unique, immersive shredding experience. There is a reason why the GB park and pipe team previously based their training in this resort, time to come and find out why. You will stay at the legendary Riders Palace in the centre of Laax where as an added bonus at the end of the week you will also get to be a spectator (or even participate) on the first day of the BRITS (British Snowboarding Championships).

To find out more about Neil, Rhys and Sian please visit the Experts Page


You can check out the accommodation at the Riders Hotel