Date: 16th - 23rd March 2019  /  Location: Sainte Foy Tarentaise, France

This workshop will focus on the aspects I believe are central to progressing your snowboarding: The riding itself; the psychology behind a successful performance; and the importance of looking after your body through restorative yoga sessions. By bringing in my chosen experts, Neil, Rhys, Louise and Sian, I will pass on the training techniques that led to my successful snowboard career, giving you exclusive access to the support an elite athlete would receive in performance snowboarding. 

On the snowboarding front, Neil McNair and Rhys Jones will be providing a custom coaching program focused on progressing ability, technique and bringing confidence to your riding.  Throughout the week they will also be working on your style, introducing you to elements of the backcountry and giving you a bagful of tricks that will impress yourself and everyone else. I will also be present for the entire week, joining in with riding sessions and offering tips alongside the main coaches.

For the psychology side of things, Louise Jones who was my personal sports psychologist for over ten years and guided me to Olympic success will hold a series of insightful sports psych sessions through the week to help you challenge your mindset.

And finally, to add some yin to all that yang, Sian Leigh will take daily relaxation and recovery yoga sessions to stretch out tired limbs, soothe your body, and rest your mind. 

To find out more about Neil, Rhys, Louise and Sian, visit the experts page.


Apartment White Fox

The workshop will be hosted by our accommodation partners The Sainte Foy Chalet Company in Apartment White Fox.  Definitely one of the smaller resorts in the Savoie, Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise is blessed with quieter slopes, lift accessible off piste terrain and a phenomenal backcountry.  It suits our needs perfectly!

White Fox is a penthouse chalet-style apartment with a fantastic location in the heart of the resort and just 50m from the pistes.

It has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms a spacious living/dining area with log fire, large flat screen TV with UK and French freeview, DVD and free wifi. It also has a sunny patio with extensive views over the village and the Tarentaise Valley.

 For more information please visit: